Discovered Emacs org-mode

I never really to the time to look into Emacs. I was always a happy Vim user, loved the modal editing and because Emacs didn’t have that I never thought it could make my life that much better.

But then I learned about org-mode… What a sophisticated piece of software…

I currently keep a paper notebook and use a subset of the bullet journal, but have also tried various cloud note keeping tools. I never liked those cloud offerings as it is to much of a lock in of my data. I like my data to be private and hack able. Previously it was not always the case that I had a laptop with me, it still isn’t, but it is become more and more common to bring your laptop/tablet to meetings and I carry my laptop around a lot more than previous.

What really appeals to me about org-mode is the fact that you can combine free form notes with todo items. Most textual todo applications like todotxt can only manage todo’s, where as in my notebook I can combine todo’s with notes and journaling. org-mode seems to get this as well and might be the closest text based thing to a physical notebook.

Reading about org-mode has convinced me to spend some time learning Emacs and learning org-mode. I will trial it for the month of December to see how it goes and if it will replace my paper notebook.

My biggest challenge will be learning Emacs key-bindings. I am a bit on the fence about throwing evil-mode at the problem. It will jump start my learning, but I am worried it will prevent me from truly learning Emacs. Would love to hear some thoughts of somebody using evil-mode.