Launchpad, games and python

Just wanted to let everyone know that I use Launchpad now to host my personal projects. On Launchpad you have your own personal +junk project in which you can host branches that do not belong to a project on Launchpad. In other words it is a perfect playground for little pet-projects. :-)

I’ve been working on a Sub Hunt game lately. It has been amazing how quick you can get a game together with python and pygame. At the time of writing a spend about 4 hours on the game. It is off course very basic and far from finished. But in another 2 - 4 hours it can be almost done. At the moment it contains only three levels, but creating levels is as simple as defining which and how much submarines are in the level.

So check it out and let me know what you think. Ideas on how to expand the game are most welcome. :-)