Internship update

So nearly another month has passed and I’ve been busy with quite a lot of different things. First my tagging add-on for Hippo ECM is coming along nicely. You can add tags to a document and it pops-up some suggestions beneath them (they aren’t really good suggestions yet but they are there).

To test my tagging add-on I needed some content so I wrote a converter which converts a Wikipedia XML dump into a XML import for Hippo ECM. The script takes the number of articles you want to create in the import as an argument, so I now have imports ranging from a hundred articles to about a hundred thousand articles.

My third project for this month was to create a tag cloud which would enable a user to browse documents by tag.

So after all these details I bring you: The Screenshot :-) (click for a larger version)

Tagging in Hippo ECM

On the left is the tag cloud (needs some layout work still), the center shows the documents with the tag “Living people” and the lower right shows current tags and suggestions belonging to the document.

The suggestion system is quite dumb. It suggests the most common tags at the moment. The coming weeks I will work on a more smart suggestion system. I plan to experiment with:

  • searching tags related to the already assigned tags.
  • searching for existing tags in document body and title
  • searching for tags from embedded documents (images, download-able documents, etc.)

Enough for now. I need to get back to work :-)